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Love & Butterflies

Love & Butterflies

Here at ButterSky we have a special affection for our little pollinators and we understand how important it is to help protect them and their habitats.  

Pollinators are species like butterflies, hummingbirds and bees that aid in the transfer of pollen from one flower to another, allowing plants to reproduce and spread.    

The protection of pollinators is an important environmental issue and one that we take seriously. We can all do our part by planting flowers that attract pollinators and identify ways to create more habitats for these marvelous (essential) creatures. With everyone’s help, we can ensure that pollinators remain a part of our planet's vibrant ecosystems and continue to sustain the health of Earth’s plants.                  

Currently we are including a pollinator seed packet with every order we ship and we hope you too will join us in helping our fellow pollinators thrive.  

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