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Our Passion

Welcome to ButterSky, where beauty, butterflies, and sustainability unite. We take pride in being a clean beauty brand using only ingredients that are safe for both you and the environment. We have combined our love for beauty with our passion for nature. Our products are formulated to enhance your natural radiance while fluttering lightly on the planet. At ButterSky, we believe in beauty without compromise. 
Pretty should not hurt, which is why our beauty products are cruelty free, vegan, and formulated in the USA. We’ve spent countless hours researching and perfecting our formulas to bring you quality products that not only meet our clean beauty standards but will meet your standards as well.  
One of our missions is to spread beauty through sustainability. We believe in preserving Earth’s natural wonders ensuring a clean environment for all of us. That’s why our products utilize 100% recyclable and reusable secondary packaging and clean formulations to do our part in reducing environmental waste.       
Join us in embracing a beauty journey that’s as kind to nature as it is to your skin. We are proud supporters of “Save Our Monarchs”, and the “National Wildlife Federation”. Here at ButterSky, we believe that, like a beautiful butterfly, transformation starts from within and if each of us do our part, we can help in preserving our miraculous planet for countless generations to come.   
With Love and ButterSky Kisses, 
xx Audra & Laurie    


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